You can visit a National Park for free this Thursday – here's how

Emerald Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park Colorado
Rocky Mountain National Park is one of 108 waiving its usual entry fees (Image credit: tupungato)

Tomorrow (4 August 2022), US National Parks are waiving their usual entry fees to celebrate the anniversary of the Great American Outdoors Act. The Act ensures the availability of cash to provide maintenance for critical services and infrastructure in National Parks, forests, and wildlife refuges.

Most National Parks are free to visit throughout the year (Roadtrippers has compiled a full list), but there are 108 that impose an entry fee to cover their costs. Annual passes are often available for less than $50, but this waiving of fees opens up the beauty of the parks to people who'd normally struggle to fit that expense into their budget.

Bear in mind that this only applies to admission fees; additional costs for service like transport, tours, and accommodation will still apply. The National Park Service advises guests to check out details for the specific park they're planning to visit so they know what to expect, and get the latest guidance on Covid-19 restrictions such as masks and social distancing.

Once that's done, just show up on the day, and you should be able to enter free of charge to hike and explore.

If you can't make it to a park tomorrow, there will be two more opportunities to visit for free later this year: on September 24 for National Public Lands Day, and November 11 for Veterans Day.

Cat Ellis

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