Burley D’Lite X running stroller review: take your child with you for multiple sports with this great multi-tasker

A multi-activity trailer for running, cycling & skiing the Burley D’Lite X is great value and is also available in a double model

Burley D’Lite X
(Image: © Claire Maxted)

Advnture Verdict

A great value multi-activity trailer for running, cycling and skiing, also available as a double.


  • +

    Light for what it is

  • +

    Integrated waterproof covering included

  • +

    Reflective details

  • +

    Easy to assemble/pack away

  • +

    Multiple handlebar height options

  • +

    Easy-clip five-point harness

  • +

    Room for kit behind and beside child

  • +

    4 x mesh pockets beside kid

  • +

    Adjustable suspension


  • -

    Wide and long, making it too big for most shops

  • -

    No handlebar brake

  • -

    Backrest only leans back a maximum of 120 degrees

  • -

    Jogger and ski additions are expensive

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Burley D’Lite X: first impressions

Burley D’Lite X

Somebody’s happy to be coming along for the ride (Image credit: Claire Maxted)

If you want just one buggy for a variety of sports consider the Burley D’Lite X. You can ski and cycle with it, as well as run.

You can jog on roads or tracks using the bike trailer arm with the wheel in walk mode, but for a more rugged run add the jogger kit for $150 / £90 (single), which gives you a knobbly 16-inch front wheel to power through mud without clogging. And if you want to get out in the snow, the ski kit is a further $250 / £300. 

Along with the Thule Chariot Cross 1, the Burley D’Lite X is the most rugged we tested for our best running stroller buying guide. You can take it truly off-road thanks to its adjustable suspension and there’s room for loads of kit in the back if you really want to punish yourself.

Burley D’Lite X

Uphill’s fine; it’s downhill that’s the problem because of the lack of a handlebar brake (Image credit: Claire Maxted)

However, if you’re used to a handlebar brake it is frightening hurtling downhill without one and that is the main drawback to this multi-activity trailer. Also the backrest only leans back a maximum of 120 degrees, nowhere near flat; so although comfy and secure with the easy five-point harness, your little one may need a support pillow to get them to sleep.

That said, the rain protection is the best on test; this stroller is properly rainproof, because it doesn’t require you to put on a cover. Instead simply zip or Velcro down the transparent roll-away front and back covers.


RRP: $900 (US) / £710 (UK)
• Weight: 12.5kg / 27.6lb
• Folded size: 36in x 28in x 15in / 91cm x 70cm x 38cm
• Minimum age: Six months
• Maximum weight: 34kg / 75lb
• Colors: Blue
• Newborn crib or car seat attachment possible? No
• Double version available? Yes

Burley D’Lite X: on the trails

Burley D’Lite X

The Burley D’Lite X with the jogger kit front wheel (Image credit: Claire Maxted)

We love running with this trailer. For running it is best-suited to wide, open tracks like the ones you find at managed outdoor areas like Rutland Water, as it’s wider than specific running-only buggies. 

As a multi-activity stroller it’s also heavier than a running-only stroller, so it was quite an effort to slow it down, and it would take you with it at ever-increasing speeds down longer hills! However exciting a run without a handlebar brake may be, the option to add one (like with the Thule Chariot Cross 1) would be safer. 

Burley D’Lite X

Cat is optional (Image credit: Claire Maxted)

On the bike, however, there is no such problem, as the bar between bike and trailer takes the strain. It was definitely a great deal more effort to cycle uphill pulling this plus a child passenger inside; by the time you get to the top you might be thankful for one of our best hydration bladders.

Skiing is similar with this trailer, just with a harness attached to your waist rather than the bike. It’s also very easy to change between activities once you have the knack, and it’s super nice that your little one can come with you on all your adventures in such a versatile, good value all-in-one trailer system.

Claire Maxted

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