Crescent Moon Luna snowshoes review: an alternative to clunky snowshoes if you’re not feeling too adventurous

The light foam Crescent Moon Luna snowshoes are designed for recreational walking on the white stuff

Crescent Moon Luna
(Image: © Crescent Moon)

Advnture Verdict

If you’re new to snowshoeing and/or you don't plan to venture too far, this shoe is a great choice.


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    Optional cleats


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    One-year limited warranty

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    Cleats work themselves out during use

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Crescent Moon Luna: first impressions

The Crescent Moon Lunas look very different from the other entries in our best snowshoes buying guide. Made from EVA foam with in-molded cleats, the bottom of the Crescent Moon Luna looks like an exaggerated hiking boot sole with spots to screw in metal traction bolts.


• List price: $135 (US)
• Dimensions: 50.8cm x 17.8cm x 5cm / 20in x 7in x 2in
• Weight: 1,400g / 2lb 10oz
• Frame Material: EVA Foam
• Deck Material: EVA Foam
• Traction: Rubber/carbon steel cleats

The foam compresses as you stride, which Crescent Moon say adds spring to your step. The foam also creates a thermal barrier between your hiking boots and the cold ground. 

The Luna has a pre-shaped rocker to roll your foot into its next step without getting bogged down by snow. The tail also has some rocker to keep it from getting caught. 

The Luna uses a simple hook and loop binding to attach your foot to the snowshoe. It has enough adjustability to fit most size feet with low-profile to moderate-profile boots. 

The Luna is recyclable through athletic shoe recycling programs, which typically gather sneakers and other EVA foam footwear for recycling. Screw in optional cleats if you’ll be walking on ice with these snowshoes, While they have good grip in soft snow, in hardpack and ice, they’ll need cleats for grip. 

Crescent Moon Luna: in the snow

Crescent Moon Luna

They might look like sandals but they’re not designed for sand (Image credit: Crescent Moon)

The Crocs of the snowshoe world, the cleated foam Luna is surprisingly comfortable to walk in, and it has good traction in non-technical terrain. Though the snowshoes look low-tech, user-friendly velcro-close toe and heel strap bindings proved effective and stayed secure in the intended terrain. 

As Crescent Moon claim, the foam deck feels energetic while you’re walking, and I found it provides some insulation between my foot and the ground (see also: how to keep your feet warm in winter). There are no moving parts, so there’s no clacking as you walk. But the shoes did kick snow up the back of my legs.

Crescent Moon Luna

It’s like walking in rocker-sole sneakers (Image credit: Crescent Moon)

The Luna uses Crescent Moon’s recently redesigned footbeds. It balanced my foot in the snowshoe, which Crescent Moon say reduces the pressure on the heel strap and allows your foot to rotate more comfortably.

Walking in these shoes feels a lot like walking in a pair of rocker-sole sneakers. It is easy and comfortable, despite their exaggerated shape. And the perfect tool for the job for rec path rambles and meadow meanders.

Berne Broudy

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