Enell Sport High Impact Bra review: an excellent front-fastening sport bra for larger breasts

The waistcoat-style Enell Sport High Impact Bra comes in the largest sizes

Enell Sport High Impact Bra
(Image: © Enell)

Advnture Verdict

A fantastically supportive bra for those with very large boobs, in a unique, front-opening waistcoat design and sueprhero colorways


  • +

    Very comfy

  • +

    Fits much larger boobs

  • +

    Extremely supportive

  • +


  • +

    Front opening

  • +

    Breast-feeding compatible


  • -

    High price

  • -

    Heavy & warm

  • -

    Harder to get on

  • -

    Not adjustable

  • -

    Sizing takes brainpower

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Enell Sport High Impact Bra: first impressions

The Enell Sport High Impact Bra is a firm favorite for runners with very large boobs, as it’s completely different from all the other sports bras for running. Firstly, it is front-opening waistcoat design with 10 hooks, which at first – we cannot lie – is more tricky to do up than your usual rear three-hook chest band design (see also: a guide to different types of sports bras), until you get some practice in – start from the bottom hook and work your way upwards is Enell’s top tip, and it works.

The front-fastenings also provide fantastic easy access for breastfeeding; simply open the bra down to the bottom couple of hooks, pop a boob out and you’re meals on wheels – well, legs – for your beloved little milk monster. 

Sadly you will have to pay a higher price for this awesome bra, but it’s worth it, especially if you can get it in Sweet Pea – a bright, silk-shiny green with pink trim that will undoubtedly make you feel and perform like a superhero. 

The sizing is a little tricky to get right – you need to measure your bust and ribs to pick your size from 0–8 on Enell’s unique fit chart. This chart does assume that bigger boobs also equal larger chest band size, which may not always be the case, but it will work for most. 

The waistcoat-style design, although robust as hell, does make for quite a heavy, warm wear; breathable mesh on the back perhaps?


• RRP: £60 (UK) / $75 (USA)
• Size range: 32-60 C+
• Weight (Enell Size 1): 154g / 5.4oz
• Colors: Green & Pink / Gray & Purple / Maroon / Pink / White / Nude / Black
• Fastening: Front-opening, 10 hooks
• Compatibility: Fantastic for those with larger boobs looking for a high impact sports bra

Enell Sport High Impact Bra: on the trails

Enell Sport High Impact Bra

There’s certainly an impressive range of colorways to choose from (Image credit: Enell)

As per above, it’s a little fiddly to get the sizing right for this bra. I wear a 34D/DD, but I used my true measurements for the Enell Sport High Impact Bra in order to use their fit scale. I measured ribs as 30 inches and bust at 36 inches, putting me at Enell size 0 (Rib 29–31 inches, bust 34–37 inches). However, I chose to go up one size because even the size 34 inch chest bands can feel tight on me. So I went for the Enell size 1 (31–33 inch rib to 36–39 inch bust). 

I found that the chest band was snug in the same way as all the other bras I’d tested in the category, so I felt like I got that bit right, but then the boob area was a cup or two large. It would be interesting to try the smaller size but I definitely wouldn’t want the chest band any tighter, so it’s hard to know. I recommend ordering two maybe even three sizes to make sure you get the correct fit. 

For me, this size 1 is excellent for breastfeeding boob-swell – I wished I’d had it in 2021 for exactly that. If you get the size right however this is an absolutely fantastic supportive sports bra for larger boobs all the way up to Enell size 8 (49–53 inch rib, 56–60 inch bust). It is very comfortable, durable and comes in a range of superhero colors.

Claire Maxted

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