SunGod Tokas review: super lightweight, versatile shades for any occasion

If you only want one pair of sunglasses for running, hiking, and wearing around town, the Tokas could be just the thing

SunGod Tokas sunglasses folded on wooden bench
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Advnture Verdict

Super lightweight and versatile, the SunGods Tokas are ideal for in between adventures, but will also serve you well for running and hiking if you don't need wrap-around protection. Despite their featherweight build, they're very robust and fit securely even when you start to pick up the pace.


  • +

    Extremely light at 0.88oz/25g

  • +

    Frame made from 100% recycled material

  • +

    Wide choice of lens and frame colors

  • +

    Prescription lenses available


  • -

    Only available in one size

  • -

    Hard case not included as standard

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Sungod Tokas: first impressions

SunGod is best known for its sports sunglasses, including models designed specifically for cycling and running, but the Tokas (available direct from SunGod) are a new design made for in between your outdoor adventures. That said, they're still super resilient, and can easily handle some hiking and running as well.


• List price: from $90 (US) / £70 (UK)
• Weight: 0.88oz / 25g
• Sizes: Medium to large head size
• Lenses: Standard polycarbonate or SunGod 8KO nylon
• UV protection: 100%
• Lens and frame colors: Many
• Best use: Casual, hiking, running

At first glance, the square-framed Tokas look similar to the SunGod Tempests, but comparing the two the Tokas are noticeably lighter (just 25g) with a slimmer frame design. That's impressive considering the Tempests certainly aren't heavy.

The Tokas' frame is made from 100% recycled memory polymer, which will spring back into shape without snapping if bent – and they don't bend easily.

As with all SunGod shades, you can take your pick from various frame and lens colors, and pick either standard polycarbonate or tougher, clearer 8KO nylon for the lens material.

SunGod Tokas sunglasses on wooden bench

Take your pick from standard polycarbonate or SunGod's 8KO nylon lenses, which are lighter and tougher (Image credit: Future)

You can upgrade to polarized lenses for an extra fee (see our guide to polarized vs non-polarized sunglasses for a rundown of the differences). My review pair have polycarbonate lenses with polarization. All lenses feature triple-layer scratch-resistance and 100% UV protection.

SunGod also offers prescription lenses for prescriptions ranging from +8.00 to –7.00. These are available in standard and thin options (people with strong prescriptions are encouraged to opt for the thinner option), and with or without polarization

A hard case is available as an optional extra, which is a little surprising at this price point but the Tokas are supplied with a soft pouch to protect against scuffs and scratches and it reduces waste if you already have a case that you're happy with from a previous pair of shades and don't need a replacement.

Sungod Tokas: on the trails

The Tokas are so comfortable and versatile, I ended up wearing them for pretty much everything this summer.

Although designed mainly as lifestyle shades, I found the Tokas great for hiking and occasional running too. They don't provide the same wrap-around protection as the SunGod Ultras for long races and training sessions, but if you're looking for a single pair of sunglasses for the streets, the trails and everything in between, the Tokas are a good middle ground – light and secure, but not overtly sporty.

Woman wearing SunGod Tokas sunglasses

They don't offer wrap-around protection, but the SunGod Tokas are good all-purpose sunglasses for casual wear and sports (Image credit: Future)

The Tokas are unisex sunglasses designed for wearers with medium or large heads, and I'd agree with that assessment; I have a relatively large head, and they fit well, providing good coverage from brow to cheekbone.

Despite their light weight, they don't look at all 'cheap' and feel super secure even during runs. Their ear pieces and nose bridge are well shaped to keep them firmly in place without any uncomfortable pressure points, even when things get warm and sweaty. The screwless hinges are tough too, folding with a pleasing click.

SunGod Tokas sunglasses on wooden bench

The nose and ear pieces of the Tokas are particularly comfortable and secure (Image credit: Future)

Visibility is excellent, even with the standard polycarbonate lenses, with great clarity. The polarizing coating really cuts down on glare, and will come in particularly handy if you're spending any time near water, whether that's fishing, boating, or paddleboarding.

People with smaller or narrower heads might be better served by the SunGod Classics, which are medium rather than medium/large, but for anyone else the Tokas are an excellent option that'll avoid the need to carry multiple pairs of shades on vacation or multi-day adventures.

Cat Ellis

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