SunGod now offers prescription lenses for your favorite shades

Woman wearing SunGod sunglasses
(Image credit: SunGod)

SunGod, maker of some of the best hiking sunglasses, is now offering prescription lenses for its whole range of everyday shades – including the new SunGod Tokas, which launched last month.

Prescription lenses are available for the Renegades, Zephyrs, Sierras, Tempests, Tokas and Classics, with prescriptions ranging from +8.00 to –7.00. Prescription shades 

First, design your sunglasses by choosing a frame style, them picking the color of the frame, lenses, and logos on the arms. Next, choose the new 'prescription lenses' option, and pick either standard or thin, with or without polarization.

If you have a higher prescription, the thin option is the best choice to keep your shades light and comfortable. Choosing polarized lenses makes colors look bolder and brighter, reduces glare, and generally makes your eyes feel more relaxed. All lenses offer 100% UV protection and triple-layer scratch resistance, and are made with impact-resistant materials.

Finally, send SunGod your prescription, either straight away or using the link in your confirmation email later. You should receive your new shades within 10 days of sending it in.

Prescription sunglasses are available now from £90 per pair. See SunGod's website for more details and to start designing your own.

Cat Ellis

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