Hurry, these top-rated solar eclipse viewing glasses will sell out before April's total eclipse

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We've checked and these glasses meet all the safety requirements for you to enjoy the solar eclipse (Image credit: George Frey / Stringer)

The next total solar eclipse might still be five weeks away, but we suggest getting your solar eclipse viewing glasses now if you want to watch it. If you snoozed on picking up glasses for the last eclipse, in October, you may well have learned the hard way that they were all sold out. We've done some research and discovered the top rated solar eclipse viewing glasses on Amazon – and they're still in stock, but that won't last long.

The next total solar eclipse in North America takes place on April 8, passing through a narrow path that stretches from Mexico to Canada. We know many of you will be heading out to catch this rare event since the next total solar eclipse in North America won't occur for another 20 years.

When viewing a total solar eclipse, it's vital to protect your eyes with solar eclipse glasses that meet certain safety standards; sunglasses are not adequate. Look for glasses marked with "ISO," which stands for the International Organization for Standardization and ensures your glasses meet certain safety requirements such as filtering out the correct amount of sunlight and being large enough to properly cover your eyes. Further, it's important that your glasses aren't damaged in any way, so don't be tempted to pull out an old pair you've had kicking around at the bottom of your hiking backpack since the last eclipse.

We compared several models of eclipse glasses on Amazon and found that these glasses by Lunt Solar Systems were best-rated among users, with more than 1,900 five-star ratings. We also checked with the American Astrological Society and confirmed that Lunt is a recognized supplier of safe solar viewers. If you opt for a different brand, we recommend you check that they show up on this list before purchasing.

Right now, these glasses are available on Amazon for $22.24 for a pack of 10, so invite your friends on a group hike or set up a few camping chairs in your backyard and enjoy this spectacular celestial event safely.

Lunt Solar Systems 10 Pack Premium Solar Eclipse Viewing Glasses:$22.44 on Amazon

Lunt Solar Systems 10 Pack Premium Solar Eclipse Viewing Glasses: $22.44 on Amazon
No one has to share and miss a moment of the total solar eclipse with this 10-pack of safety-approved solar eclipse viewing glasses.

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