Best tent stakes

Best tent stakes
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They seem small and unimportant but you only need to hear the wind whipping around your tent at night to realize how important tent stakes are to a successful camp, whatever the conditions. One problem is that the stakes you get with most tents aren’t great. Some manufacturers will include stakes that are the bare minimum in terms of quality and durability to keep their costs down. So if there’s an item of your camping kit that needs an upgrade it’s likely to be this one. 

With the best tent stakes, you won’t fear strong winds or lashing rain. They are usually easier to drive into hard ground without bending and once in, your guy ropes will stay securely fastened as the stake stays firmly in the ground. All these tent stakes are likely to be better than the ones that came with your tent and will give you years of happy camping.

Best overall

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Eurmax Galvanized Non-Rust Camping 10pc-Pack

Steel strength stakes that stay in

Made from galvanized steel, this 10 pack of 10” stakes will work well in any ground including rocky soil. They are designed with large heads for driving in with a mallet and have milled points to penetrate the ground. The pack comes with four 10ft guy ropes in case you need some spares.

Best for backpackers

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All one tech Tent Stakes

Lightweight pegs that won’t bend

These aluminum stakes have a three-sided Y design that makes driving their 7” length into hard ground easier. They are lightweight but strong and won’t bend out of shape if they hit a rock when you drive them in. Paracord loops make pulling them out easier when you pack down your tent and they go in the included carry bag.

Best value

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Coleman Tent Stakes

Stronger stakes for hard ground

Coleman’s plated steel heavy-duty stakes are good for hard ground and at 12” long, will secure your tent in high winds. There are four in the pack for you to stake out the corners and start replacing some of your damaged stakes.

Best for large groups

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Hikemax 10/30 Pack Plastic Tent Stakes 

Plastic stakes that won’t come free

ABS plastic makes for tough stakes that won’t rust or bend yet are very light to carry at only 0.99 ounces each. The bright yellow color means you hopefully won’t leave any in the grass. These 9” stakes come in packs of 10 and have great holding power however much the wind pulls on your tent ropes.

Bottom line

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If you’re sick of opening the bag when you’re setting up your tent and finding lots of bent and broken stakes from your last trip, it’s time to upgrade this essential camping component with some new, tougher examples. When buying new stakes, we recommend Eurmax Galvanized Non-Rust Stakes. Not only are they easier to drive into tough ground but once they go in, they stay in, giving you peace of mind when there’s a storm blowing outside that feels like it's going to lift your tent into the air.

For a good value tent stake upgrade, we also like All one tech Tent Stakes. Aluminum is very durable and rust-proof and their design of stake goes in easily. Plus they come in funky colors.

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