Best waterproof notebooks

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Paper and water don’t mix. Well not unless you mean into a soggy, inky mess. When you are hiking, camping or just outdoors, it’s much more likely that rain will come into contact with vital written notes causing disastrous results. It doesn’t take much water to make ink run and the writing in your journal illegible. 

The answer is a waterproof notebook. They use specially treated paper that can resist the rain so you never have to worry about losing that first line of your debut novel or the family recipe for campfire bread. Or you could just write in the bathtub and jot down your ideas in the shower. 

Best overall

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GLORYFIRE Waterproof Notebook

Make your notes whatever the weather

The 96 pages of these 3"x5" notebooks are made from all-weather paper. It repels water, sweat, grease and mud. However, you can still tear it, write on it when it’s wet with a pencil or all-weather pen, or when dry, a standard ball-point or marker. Bound together with Wire-O binding and a tough PVC cover, it will let you write in any weather condition.

Most eco-friendly

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Rite in the Rain Weatherproof Top-Spiral Notebook

Write in the rain then recycle

A top-spiral bound 3" x 5” notebook with 100 pages, this will fit comfortably in a pocket and resist the worst weather imaginable. Made in Tacoma Washington, USA since 1916, this Rite in the Rain notebook also has a waterproof cover and wood-based waterproof paper that’s fully recyclable. It won’t wear out so recycling it could be a fitting end for this invulnerable notebook. 

Best for toughness

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Field Notebook

Takes notes and anything else you throw at it

Labeled indestructible, the Field Notebook uses synthetic waterproof paper that you can’t tear. Sold in packs of four, each 3.5” x 5.5” book contains 48 lined pages which you can write on with regular ballpoint pens or pencils.

Best for showers

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Aqua Notes Water Proof Note Pad

Record your shower inspiration

Many a great idea comes in the shower or bathtub. This waterproof notepad will stop them from going down the drain. You can mount it on the wall using the built-in suction cups along with the included pencil so they are available whenever inspiration strikes. Each of the 40 sheets is perforated so you take that shower’s notes with you. Or use outside in the rain, pool or hot tub.

Bottom line

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The best waterproof notebooks and pads let you capture ideas, make important notes or refer to vital information whatever the conditions are. You can write on their pages in the middle of a storm, while wading through a river or out on a boat in a rough sea. For the less adventurous, they are also great for leaving fun notes in the shower or sketching in the bathtub. If you have ever lost an important piece of paper to the laundry, these notebooks are the answer. The GLORYFIRE Waterproof Notebook is our overall favorite for its perfect pocket-sized form and tearable paper that’s good to write on.

If just being waterproof isn’t enough, the Field Notebook is the toughest example we’ve found. It’s able to withstand anything you can throw at it and is useable just about anywhere, however hostile the environment.

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