Coolers are selling fast on Prime Day, but it's not too late to grab a great deal

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The weather is seriously heating up in both the US and the UK, so it's no surprise that deals on coolers and iceboxes are selling out fast. Now that we're approaching the closing hours of Prime Day many are now out of stock, but we've rounded up the best deals still available so you don't have to hunt around.

Most of the deals here are from Coleman, which specializes in affordable camping gear (including an impressive array of tents) and Igloo, which has been making coolers since 1947. There are also coolers from lesser-known brands in the Amazon Prime Day sale, but personally we'd stick with brands that we know and trust to avoid the disappointment of warm beer or, worse, a leaking mess all over your car.

US cooler and icebox deals

Coleman 70-Quart Xtreme Cooler:$79.99$54.72 at AmazonSave $25.27

Coleman 70-Quart Xtreme Cooler: $79.99 $54.72 at Amazon
Save $25.27 There's almost a third off this high-capacity cooler at Amazon for Prime Day 2022. It holds up to 100 cans (fewer if you toss in ice as well), and can keep things frozen for up to five days. The lid is so tough it doubles as a seat, so you can leave one camping chair at home.

Coleman 50-Quart Wheeled Cooler: $59.99$71.73 at AmazonSave $18.26

Coleman 50-Quart Wheeled Cooler: $59.99 $71.73 at Amazon
Save $18.26 This cooler holds up to 84 cans (not quite so many with ice), and Coleman claims that its insulated walls and lid can retain ice for up to five days. A telescoping handle makes it easy to wheel to your campsite, with rugged wheels for rough ground.

Igloo BMX 25-Quart Cooler:$99.99$76 at AmazonSave $23.99

Igloo BMX 25-Quart Cooler: $99.99 $76 at Amazon
Save $23.99 This seriously heavy-duty will withstand all the knocks and drops of life at camp and on the road, and is designed so the base is lifted away from hot surfaces to help keep its contents cold. According to Igloo, it delivers up to four-day ice retention.

Coleman Soft-Sided Cooler:$159.99$104.99 at AmazonSave $55

Coleman Soft-Sided Cooler: $159.99 $104.99 at Amazon
Save $55 This soft-sided cooler has extra-thick insulation to keep your food and beverages cold for up to 42 hours, and has a leak-proof liner and easy-clean external coating. You can transport it using the telescopic handle, or the handles attached to the sides.

Igloo Gizmo Backpack:$62.96$50.37 at AmazonSave $12.59

Igloo Gizmo Backpack: $62.96 $50.37 at Amazon
Save $12.59 Amazon has cut 20% off the price of this insulated backpack-style cooler for Prime Day. Just right for carrying drinks, whether its to the campsite or a party (though some reviewers have noted that the built-in bottle opener isn't very tough, so best bring your own).

UK cooler and icebox deals

Coleman Personal Cooler:£22.99£14.99 at AmazonSave £8

Coleman Personal Cooler: £22.99 £14.99 at Amazon
Save £8 This little cool box is going super cheap on Prime Day. It's just the right size for six cans, and keeps them cold for up to eight hours. Very simple, but it does the job, and for £15 it's hard to complain.

Coleman Xtreme Cooler:£119.99£90.07 at AmazonSave £29.92

Coleman Xtreme Cooler: £119.99 £90.07 at Amazon
Save £29.92 Going away for a long camping break, or catering for a big group? This giant cool box should do the trick. It has a 47-litre capacity, and should keep everything good and cold for up to four days thanks to its thick foam insulation. You can even use it as a seat. There's 25% off for Prime Day.

Trespass Cool Bag:£19.10£12.98 at AmazonSave £6.12

Trespass Cool Bag: £19.10 £12.98 at Amazon
Save £6.12 A cheap and cheerful way to keep lunch or drinks cool for a few hours on camping trips or picnics. This bag has a 15-litre capacity, and although it doesn't provide the same insulation as an ice box, it's very well rated.

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