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Father and son land incredible 25 double-figure barbel

Mick Hill and son dad bagged-up with big barbel. This one weighed 16 lb 4 oz (Image credit: Angler's Mail)

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Celebrating Mick’s 67th birthday, the pair bagged-up on a three-day trip to the middle reaches of the River Trent, in Nottinghamshire.

Mick, a retired electrician, ended with seven doubles and a single, while Dan matted 25 fish, including 18 doubles.

Dan, a 29-year-old CNC machinist from Mexborough, South Yorkshire, explained: “We had an absolutely epic session, and even had two double-takes.

“As well as a 16 lb 4 oz PB, I had a 15 lb 4 oz fish, and we shared a further four 14-pounders.  

“All of the fish came to 3 Foot Twitch Black Redemption boilies. Our rigs consisted of a coated braid hook link and a size 6 hook, fished blowback style, and we had to use 8 oz leads due to extra water in the river.

“We fed around 6 kg of 16 and 18 mm boilies over the duration of the session, catapulting 30 baits upriver every hour and introducing a PVA mesh bag of boilies every cast,” concluded Dan.