Head out trig-bagging this summer and you could win a special prize from Harrier

Trig point on misty hilltop
Trigs are a common sight across Britain's countryside (Image credit: Getty)

Trail running company Harrier has launched a challenge to encourage more people to go outdoors this summer. Harrier, which designs and sells trail running gear including running packs, running jackets and poles, has come up with the #TrigBagChallenge to get you out and exploring.

Trig bagging is an activity that sees runners and hikers travelling to triangulation pillars (better known as trig pillars or trig points), which are dotted around the UK.

Trig pillars were first installed across Britain in the 1930s by mapping agency Ordnance Survey (OS). They were used as part of a scheme called the Retriangulation of Great Britain, and helped to map the shape of the land. More than 6,500 trig pillars were used to create maps of the whole country.  

Trig pillars are now a common part of the British scenery and although no longer used for mapping, they offer a rewarding focus for trig baggers.

Trig pillar on hilltop

Where will you head to for your trig bagging? (Image credit: Getty)

Join #trigbagchallenge this summer

To take part in the #TrigBagChallenge between August 18 and 20, you simply need to run or hike to reach a trig, or as many trigs as you can. Harrier's trig bagging map will help you find those nearest you. Then, just send your details to Harrier.

Harrier is giving away a number of prizes including one for most trigs bagged in the set period.  There are other prizes for the highest trig bagged (that will be Ben Nevis in the UK!), the lowest trig bagged, the most unusual trig bagged and the best trig point post. 

There are trophies for the winners of each category, plus downloadable certificates and tube scarves if you just want to take part. Make sure  you use the hashtage #TrigBagChallenge when posting about your trig bagging adventures on social media.

Fiona Russell
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