Watch juggling skier time tricky stunt to perfection

Juggling skier
(Image credit: tetonjuggler / Instargram)

Juggling is tricky. Juggling on the move, trickier. Juggling on skis while hurtling down a slope, very tricky, But juggling on skis while hurtling down a slope then doing a 360° mid air spin? Well, as one person commenting on this vid suggests, you have to be something more than human to pull that off.

Or you’re Teton Juggler, who makes juggling stunts like this look way too easy.

He’s doing himself a disservice, though, making it all look so effortless. This is an insanely complex stunt that requires pin point accuracy and some considerable skiing technique. He’s not just moving horizontally, but vertically as well. Plus, as he points out in his blurb accompany the Instagram post, his body, “drops way faster then the club that’s thrown” and, “when landing, one immediately picks up speed and shoots away from the club… Especially as things get steeper and bigger!”

As Teton Juggler’s name hints, this latest stunt took place in the Grand Targhee Resort in Wyoming’s Grand Teton National Park, though he actually come from Alaska originally. And he’s been building his social fanbase with juggling related feats for a few years now, including this quite breathtaking mountain bike / juggling mash-up…

What’s really admirable about this latest ski stunt is that the although skiing is clearly Teton Juggler’s secondary skill (his whole social media presence is based on his awesome juggling prowess) he displays some extremely impressive skiing skills too. Can’t some people be happy being good as just one thing?