Man stumbles across notoriously 'cranky' moose while hiking in Alaska – it doesn't go well

Bull moose hiding in snowy bushes
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A man was lucky to escape without serious injuries after being attacked by a group of moose that local wildlife experts have described as notoriously 'cranky'. The man was hiking with his dog in Anchorage, Alaska, earlier this week when he accidentally stumbled across the animals, two of which charged without warning.

As local news site Anchorage News Daily reports, the incident happened on the on the northern end of the popular Tsalteshi Trails system, which is a popular location for hiking, trail running, snowshoeing, and mountain biking in the winter months.

"A walker says he came off the singletrack and was charged, knocked down and kicked by two moose, with another couple moose in the area," Tsalteshi Trails Association wrote on Facebook. "He had a dog with him, which barked and scared the moose back. He was able to run back to the Wolverine Trailhead. He's bruised but it sounds like he's OK."

"The male was able to leave the area and went to the hospital for non-life threating injuries," state troopers wrote in an online dispatch.

Little patience

The Trails Association noted that the man may have stumbled across a particularly "cranky cow" that had been observed in the same area over the summer, and has little patience for people shouting at her or telling her to move. The organization advised people recreating in the area to be on the lookout for moose in the future, and give them plenty of space.

If you come across a moose on the trail, you should email a report to, or send the Trails Association a message on Facebook so they can share the details. If you come across an aggressive moose, it should also be reported to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game

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