Mondraker launches new kids’ range of high-end MTBs and e-MTBs with cute video

2024 Mondraker Kids mountain ebikes F-Play 24 light full suspension ebike jumping
(Image credit: Mondraker)

Spanish mountain biking manufacturer Mondaker has decided that kids deserve the bikes as good as their parents / guardians / scoutmasters / other responsible grown-ups with bikes who’re willing to accompany them on the trails.

With this in mind, it's launched a massive range of new kids mountain bikes and e-MTBs that bring some quality specs to junior biking, “so that no one in the family should go without the experience of riding a proper Mondraker.”

So while they may not have the Easy Rider cool of a Chopper, they’re a lot loess likely to fall apart while shredding.

There are 11 new bikes in all: six traditional mountain bikes and five e-MTBs, so that youngsters can keep up with the grown up on long bikepacking  jaunts. And here’s the cute promo vid they’ve shot to launch the range (which, in these enlightened times, seems oddly male dominated, but we’re pretty certain girls are allowed to ride these bikes too).

“At Mondraker we take our kids bikes very seriously,” says the company. “So seriously that we wanted to create an all-new KIDS range that was so much fun, so capable, so high-tech that it would be hard to tell apart from our adult bikes when out on the trails with your family. That’s what we were going for, and that’s what we’ve done. Hardtails, full suspension, ebike and non-ebike… even balance bikes so that no one in the family should go without the experience of riding a proper Mondraker.”

Mondraker Kids all-new progressive youth mountain bikes shredding

(Image credit: Mondraker)

The lineup includes two full-suspension platforms and hardtails in four wheelsizes, from starter bikes with 16in wheels all the way up to 26in full-suspension trail bikes you’d be hard-pressed to pick-out from their modern adult mountain bikes.

In addition to that, Mondraker offers two Play-series hardtail or full-suspension lightweight e-bikes. Take a look…

Check out the Mondaker KIDS website for specs and prices, which range from $750/€600 to $4,000/€3,500.