National Park Rangers hunting for owner of wedding band found on tiny island

Man's hand lifting wedding ring out of moss
(Image credit: Getty)

Rangers at Voyageurs National Park are looking for the owner of a wedding ring found on a tiny island adjacent to the 218,055-acre park. 

As the Sacramento Bee reports, the US Forest Service found the ring while carrying out an archaeological survey of the area, and enlisted the park's help to find out who it belongs to. It was discovered on a small unnamed island just north of Dove Island.

The ring was found on September 7, but neither the Forest Service nor the National Park Service know when it might have been lost.

"If this may be yours, please call the Duluth Supervisors Office at 218-626-4300 with a description, and we will verify and coordinate picking it up," said the Forest Service.

Officials haven't provided a description or photo of the ring (the image above is a stock picture). To ensure it's returned to its rightful owner, anyone claiming it will need to describe it themselves.

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