Oregon resort offers $75 bounty to tattle on fellow skiers sharing passes

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Ski pass fraud is a real problem, and one resort in Oregon has taken an unusual approach by offering a cash bounty to visitors who tattle on fellow skiers who are breaking the rules.

An employee at Mount Bachelor let slip to local news site Oregon Daily that pass fraud has been a particular issue this year, so the resort is taking special measures to crack down. Reportedly, staff are being offered bonuses for catching people who are sharing passes with friends, and members of the public may be awarded $75 credit if they report incidents.

“A guest who chooses to fraudulently use a pass that is not their own will be asked to leave and could face penalties,” said Stacey Hutchinson, a spokesperson for the resort. "These penalties include being escorted from the mountain; paying the current day’s ticket price; paying a restitution fee; and being handed off to authorities over 'theft of service'."

Mount Bachelor isn't the only resort to take a tough stance on pass fraud. Last year, the Vail Police Department warned winter holidaymakers that they could face a $999 fine and 180 days in jail if caught. The original passholder could also have their (extremely expensive) pass revoked for allowing it to be misused.

Over 30 people were cited for deceptive use of a ski pass during the 2022 ski season at Vail, up from 27 in 2021.

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