Petzl launches new headlamps ready for winter hiking and camping adventures

Hiker wearing Petzl Tikkina headlamp
(Image credit: Petzl)

Petzl, maker of some of the best headlamps, has unveiled a series of new lights just in time for the winter season, including three specially designed for outdoor adventures like camping and hiking. The Tikkina, Tikka, and Actik headlamps are all ideal for nights under canvas and walks before sunrise, and the Actik is also lightweight enough for trail running.

All lights come with washable bands, and can be used with three AAA batteries (supplied) or Petzl's new Core rechargeable battery pack. Using the Core battery results in significant performance gains, and the lamp detects the power source and adjusts lighting performance automatically.

The Actik (shown below) has a wide, uniform beam that allows you to easily see what's in front of you, and below your feet. There are three white lighting levels to choose from: max burn time (for the longest battery life), standard (to balance battery life and brightness), and max power.

There's also a continuous red beam option, which lets you see where you're going without spoiling your night vision or dazzling your friends, plus a strobe mode for attracting attention in an emergency. The Actik has a single button for selecting brightness or light color. The light can be easily adjusted to chance the angle of the beam.

In addition to the standard Petzl Actik, there's also an Actik Core model that includes the Core battery pack.

Petzl Actik headlamp

The Petzl Actik headlamp is light enough for running and climbing, as well as hiking and camping (Image credit: Petzl)

The Tikka headlamp (below) also has a wide beam that lets you see exactly where you're putting your feet without sacrificing forward visibility, and is best suited to hiking and camping. Like the Actik, it offers three power modes, plus a continuous red light option and strobe for emergencies.

Both the Tikka and Actik are supplied with a handy storage pouch that let them do double duty as a camping lantern.

The Tikka is available in two versions: the standard model and the Tikka Core, which includes the rechargeable battery pack.

Petzl Tikka headlamp

The Petzl Tikka headlamp is well suited to hiking and camping, and has a travel pouch that lets it double as a lantern (Image credit: Petzl)

The Tikkina headlamp (below) is most affordable of the three. It still offers three brightness options, but has a maximum brightness of 300 lumens compared to 350 for the Tikka, and doesn't have the red or strobe modes.

Petzl Tikkina headlamp

(Image credit: Petzl)

You can check out the full range of Petzl headlamps online.

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