Pinarello launches ultralight gravel e-bike for effortless adventures

Pinarello Nytro Gravel E9 bike on mountain trail
(Image credit: Pinarello)

Italian bikemaker Pinarello has launched a new range of ultralight e-bikes with three new models, including a lightweight electric gravel bike for effortless trail adventures.

The three models are the Nytro Road E and Nytro Gravel E (both of which are available with two different frame options and three different builds), and the Nytro All Road E (with just one frame and build).

The star of the new series is the Nytro Road E9, which the company says is the lightest pedal-assisted mid-drive e-bike on the market. It tips the scale at a mere 2.5lb for the raw carbon fiber frame. It has Pinarello's signature asymmetric design, which is structured to compensate for the greater force exerted by the drive on the right side. 

All bikes in the Nytro series are equipped with the new 300W TQ-HPR50 motor, which is designed to be small, light, and much quieter than standard. That should eliminate the tell-tale whirr that reveals you're getting a little assistance as you ride, though the wide downtube containing the integrated cables and control unit will give the game away.

There are three power assistance settings, with are customizable via a smartphone app. The result, according to Pinarello, "feels just like cycling always has, but on the fittest day of your life. It’s you, but with 300W more power in your legs."

Naturally, that kind of design and performance comes at a price. The Nytro Gravel starts at £6,900 (about $8,400), the Nytro Road E at £7,500 (about $9,000). At the time of writing, no UK price has been announced for the Nytro All Road E.

Cat Ellis

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