See rescuers save hiker from 300ft cliff after he overestimated his climbing skills

Man stranded on cliff in Oregon
(Image credit: Curry County Justice)

Rescuers in Oregon had to think creatively and improvised to save a man who decided to try climbing a 300ft cliff while hiking, and found himself unable to move either up or down.

As the Sacramento Bee reports, 41-year-old Anthony Lohman became 'cliffed out' about 100 feet off the ground, and called emergency services for help. Deputies pinpointed his location using photos from his phone, and rescuers spoke to him via a speaker mounted on a drone. 

A helicopter was dispatched, but poor weather conditions hampered the complex rescue, which you can watch below in a video clip shared by the Curry County Sheriff's Office on Facebook.

"Four SAR members risked their lives on the thin steep ridge to establish a tail hold by wrapping a 150ft section of rope around the top edge of the rock bluff," said the Sheriff's Office. "A single rappeler was lowered to Lohman who was then able to attach a harness to Lohman and the both of them descended to the beach below."

The rescue took five hours in total, and it was dark by the time Lohman was safely back on the ground.

Hiking alone can be very rewarding, giving you time to think and appreciate nature, but it also comes with risks. It's always wise to research your route ahead of time, and stick to your plan. Sticking to popular hiking trails reduces your chance of running into trouble (the number of cars parked at the trailhead is a good indication). For more advice, see our guide hiking alone: risks, benefits, and top tips.

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