Sennheiser's new sports headphones track your heart rate and body temperature while you run to the beat

Sennheiser Momentum Sport Earbuds
(Image credit: Sennheiser)

While you’re listening to your favorite tracks while out on a run, the devices pumping the music into your ears could simultaneously be listening to your heart and keeping tabs on your body temperature.

German audio equipment manufacturer Sennheiser has partnered with Finnish sports tech brand Polar (best known for its heart rate monitors and running watches) to integrate "sensors for real-time heart rate and body temperature tracking" into the latest Momentum-series earbuds. 

Data from the headphones is synced with your phone Bluetooth for storage and analysis. And since scientists seem to think music can make you run faster, you should be seeing some good results.

The new Momentum Sport Earbuds are also equipped with a custom Sennheiser “sport sound profile”, plus adaptive active noise cancellation and a “robust bass” that combined should deliver a level of audio immersion ideal for workouts – great for noisy gyms. When you're pounding the pavements, the semi-open design will allow you to hear potential dangers like traffic and cyclists.

The buds will resist sweat and splashes, with an official IP55 rating, and you should also be able to get a secure fit thanks to a choice of interchangeable ear fins and tips in different sizes.

The claimed battery life is 24 hours, though much of that comes from the case acting as a portable battery pack; it you don’t want to take the case with you on a run, the battery life is about five hours. On the other hand a 10-minute quick-charge can provide around 40-50 minutes of playback.

The Sennheiser Momentum Sport Earbuds come in olive, black or graphite colorways and are available for $329.95 / £279.99 via vendors such as Amazon now.