Watch skier on a collision course with ‘phantom’ ski

hunting skis on snow
Stock image (we think from a Scooby-Doo cartoon) (Image credit: Getty Images / ArtEvent ET)

Here’s an odd little video clip that’s like something out of a Scooby-Doo cartoon. Certainly the more you look it, the more mysterious it becomes. It’s not the kind of thing they cover in skiing safety guides.

What we have here is the unlikely tale of a skier being taken out by a disembodied ski. A lone ski that, curiously, still has a boot attached, and which doesn’t just head in a straight line for her, but swerves side to side before hitting her square on and knocking her over in the snow.

In fact, the skier clearly sees it coming, but carries on, probably assuming it’s not heading for her, until it makes an audacious last-minute swerve to intercept her, like a heatseeking missile on a mission.

Snow tire? from r/Tiresaretheenemy

And it all happens in what looks like surreal slow motion. Certainly it doesn’t look like the random ski hit the skier too hard, but she tumbles over like she’s been hit by a moose. It’s all most strange.

We’re not really suggesting there are supernatural forces at work, but the more you look at it, you do start wondering. We suspect the janitor, old man Smithers, is up to no good (or more likely, there’s an inept, one-booted skier hopping about the slopes somewhere).

In case you’re wondering why the clip is titled ‘Snow Tire’ that’s because it was posted to Reddit to comedy subreddit Tiresaretheenemy, which usually posts humorous videos of people being knocked over by rogue tires. (We discovered it via At least that bit makes sense.