Watch skier thread his way through tiny gap in the rock on snowy MTB trail

Fabian Lentsch skis down Turkey mountain bike trail
Fabian Lentsch encounters a challenging obstacle while skiing down mountain bike trail in Turkey (Image credit: Fabian Lentsch / Instagram)

Cappadocia in Turkey is a rugged and wild-looking place beloved of mountain bikers who like to hurtle down its hairy, almost Martian-looking descents. 

But recently its famous reddish red rocks looked a little bit different when they became partially covered in snow. And that gave Austrian professional skier Fabian Lentsch a spontaneous idea too tempting to ignore. 

Because while Lentsch was familiar with the area from mountain biking there previously, this gave him his first chance to ski the area. Which is exactly what he did, including a hair-raising moment when he had to thread his way though an incredibly narrow gap in the rocks. Enjoy… though we’re not sure what type of skiing you’d call this.

It’s not just the camel-through-the-eye-of-a-needle moment that impresses. Lentsch makes the whole thing look effortless, but there’s few people who would even attempt to ski such a challenging and alien-looking landscape. The result is a truly unique piece of skiing footage.

As Lentsch sums it up on his Instagram posting, “Funny few hours.”

Cappadocia is located in Turkey’s Central Anatolia region and is a fascinating place. Its dramatic landscape’s rock formations changes color from red to purple when the sun sets, and takes on an eerie, alien luminescence under a full moon.

If you fancy a more conventional trip (ie, one that doesn’t involve skis) to Cappadocia then mountain biking is a brilliant way to discovering the unique features the area has to offer, including cave houses and churches, volcanic rock forms and fairy chimneys. which are rock pillars honeycombed with rooms hollowed out by humans in centuries gone by [via Powder].