Study reveals the extent of a new camping boom

camping trend
Camping is booming in Britain (Image credit: Getty Images)

A study has revealed Britain has become a nation of camping enthusiasts. Analysis by a leading outdoors retailer shows that UK-wide camping equipment sales increase by 40% in 2021, compared to before the Covid pandemic.

The biggest boom has been in Scotland, where there has been a hike of 89% per cent in sales.

The next largest upsurge by country is Northern Ireland, which went up by 58%, with sales in England rising by 31% and sales in Wales also up by 27%

The reason for the growing interest in camping this year is most likely due to the effect of staycations, as Covid rules continued to restrict overseas travel. Having best camping tent is suddenly a very attractive prospect to a wider demographic than it was previously.

camping trend

Study reveals where the keenest campers live (Image credit: Getty Images)

family camping

Family camping is on the increase  (Image credit: Getty Images)

The Cotswold Outdoor study also showed where Brtain’s most enthusiastic campers come from, with residents in Wiltshire at the top of the camping  league, followed by Bristol and Stirling.

In fourth place is Aberdeen, followed by Edinburgh, Glasgow, Devon Gloucestershire, Dorset and Ards & North Down in Northern Ireland in 10th position.

Other interesting statistics showed that sales of sleeping bags for children were up 110% compared to pre-pandemic figures, which leads to the assumption that more families have been enjoying camping trips.

To produce the Britian's Keenest Campers ranking, researchers assessed Cotswold Outdoor sales data and Google Trends from 2019 to 2021.

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