This tiny caravan is towed by your e-bike, and includes a bed, TV, fridge, and stove

Man riding e-bike with Hupi Carriage attached
(Image credit: Hupi)

If you like the idea of bikepacking, but want to spend your nights in something a bit more luxurious than a one-person tent, Finnish company Hyotyadanehovekeskus has just the solution. The Hupi Carriage is a small but perfectly formed caravan that hitches onto your e-bike, providing you with a fully furnished home away from home.

As Electrek explains, the Hupi Carriage is the creation of inventor Urpo 'Upi' Merranmaa, who had been gifted an e-bike and wanted to take it on an adventure, but wasn't a fan of nights under canvas. It's not the only camper that can be hitched to an e-bike, but it's one of very few that have actually made it into production.

The Hupi Carriage weighs 65-70kg without accessories. Pulling that much extra weight will run down your bike's battery faster than if you were to carry a lightweight tent, but the caravan is equipped with a solar charger that lets you recharge your e-bike while you're taking a break.

The solar panel also provides power for extras like a mini fridge, interior and exterior lights, and even a TV, which can be fitted for an extra fee. Other addons include extra solar panels and batteries, cabinets, a skylight, a portable gas grill and stove, and even curtains and rails.

You can even use it to charge a laptop if you just can't leave those emails until you're back at the office.

As you'd expect for something handmade and highly specialized, the Hupi Carriage doesn't come cheap. The base spec caravan costs €5,990 (about $6,600), and that's without the luxury mod-cons.

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