Watch brown bear sisters reunite in charming video from Katmai National Park

Two brown bear cubs at Katmai National Park and Preserve, Alaska
(Image credit: Getty)

Katmai National Park and Preserve has shared a charming video of two brown bears reuniting after a long separation, each with a young cub in tow. The adults are sisters who grew up in the park together, making the cubs cousins,

In the video, which you can watch below, the adult bears meet in a shallow river and later fish alongside one another at Brooks Falls. Meanwhile the two youngsters can be seen grappling and playing with one another.


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Katmai, in Alaska, is well known for its large bear population, and each year the park partners with to broadcast a livestream of the animals feeding on sockeye salmon as the fish migrate upstream to spawn.

The live cam is currently down due to a technical problem, but it's expected to be back up and running on Thursday September 15. Until then, you can catch some highlights from this year's stream on

The park also holds an annual Fat Bear Week event, in which people watching the livestream are asked to vote for the animal that has gained the most weight in preparation for hibernation. The more calories a bear stores in the form of fat, the better its chances of surviving through the harsh Alaskan winter.

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