Black Diamond Recon X avalanche beacon review: a chunky choice for avy newbies

The Black Diamond Recon X is an affordable – though a bit big and heavy – beacon, ideal for beginners

Woman's hand holding Black Diamond Recon X avalanche beacon
(Image: © Berne Broudy)

Advnture Verdict

For avy beacon beginners, the Black Diamond Recon X is a great choice. Although a little larger and heavier than many others, with a slightly reduced and restricted range, it’s affordable, easy to use and boasts lots of excellent features.


  • +

    Bluetooth connected for software updates

  • +

    Compatible with iProbe

  • +

    Has a training mode


  • -

    Smaller range than other beacons

  • -

    Pieps /Black Diamond have had a number of beacon recalls recently

  • -

    Smaller screen

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Black Diamond Recon X: first impressions 

The entry-level Black Diamond Recon X is a great choice of avy beacon for those who are operating on a budget, but still looking to keep safe in avalanche terrain. That’s why it earned a place in our best avalanche beacons buying guide.


• List price: $300 (US) / £280 (UK)
• Weight (including batteries): 217g / 7.68 oz
• Range: 60m / 197ft
• Antennas: 3
• Battery life: 400 hours 

Made for users who are new to beacon use, the Recon X wirelessly connects to the PIEPS App and your phone for diagnostic updates, to manage settings, and to access a mode that lets you train your beacon-search skills. The Recon X is compatible with PIEPS iProbe for added search capabilities. 

While the Recon X doesn’t have the range of other beacons, it does have a lot of things going for it: it self checks when you turn it on, and it has a flagging button to mark multiple burials.

Black Diamond Recon X: on the slopes

Black Diamond Recon X avalanche beacon with harness

The Black Diamond Recon X in its harness (Image credit: Black Diamond)

The Velcro-close harness makes the Black Diamond Recon X easy to get to, even with ski gloves on (but bear in mind Velcro can become ineffective if it gets packed with snow). 

The telephone cord-style tether has loads of stretch and on test I found that it didn’t get tangled as some other tethers do. The beacon claims to have interference protection, so a phone and other electronics won’t impact its performance. This is a claim we are still testing.

Front and back view of Black Diamond Recon X avalanche beacon

The Black Diamond Recon X, front and back (Image credit: Black Diamond)

This beacon is on the heavier side, and it’s also larger than many of the other transceivers I carried and experimented with while doing the group test. The advantage to all that, however, is it’s easy to hold onto.

The Recon X beacon has a more plasticky-feeling case than more expensive beacons. Whether it will be more prone to cracking remains to be seen.

Berne Broudy

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