Sealskinz Waterproof All-Weather Glove review: a must-own pair of insulated gloves

The brilliant Sealskinz Waterproof All-Weather Glove delivers on its promises, and is ideal for all kinds of activities in the grimmest weather

Sealskinz Waterproof All-Weather Glove
(Image: © Sealskinz)

Advnture Verdict

We’ve got nothing but good things to say about this waterproof glove – it’ll tackle the nastiest weather you care to throw at it, all year long, although you might need to add another layer of insulation in the worst of the deep winter. If you are the kind of person who gets outside in any weather, you should definitely own a pair.


  • +

    Reliably waterproof

  • +

    Great grip

  • +

    Touchscreen compatible

  • +

    Very versatile


  • -

    In really freezing conditions, another layer of insulation required

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First impressions

As the name suggests, Sealskinz’ range of all-weather gloves are fully waterproof, unlike ‘water-resistant’ gloves that will only withstand light rain, and naturally they are also windproof. In fact, all the British brand’s products come with lifetime waterproof guarantee.

There are plenty of other great features here too, including a fleece panel on the thumb (always useful), suede palms, a touchscreen-compatible index finger and a wide Velcro strap at the wrist to keep warmth in and water firmly out. Beneath the waterproof exterior, the inner lining is specifically designed to stay put, and not move or come away from the outer – which can be a real irritant in gloves.


RRP: $65 (US)/£45 (UK)
Unisex: Yes
Sizes: S–XXL
Materials: Outer: Polyester (92%), Neoprene (5%), Elastane (3%) / Palm: Leather (100%); Middle Layer: 100% Polyurethane Membrane; Inner Layer: 100% Polyester
Weight (per glove): 104g/3.6oz
Colours: Black / Grey

In the field

If you’re after a tough and weatherproof glove that won’t let you down in challenging conditions, pick Sealskinz. We’ve been wearing gloves from this great brand for years now and they reliably keep our hands dry, no matter how heavy the storm. They are ideal for cycling and hiking, or even sailing and kayaking in wet weather (as the brand state, they’re ready for ‘bike, boat or trail’).

We also very much like the tough yet tactile suede palms, which offer good grip even when they’re wet, and inspire confidence whatever you’re doing or holding, from mountain bike handles, to kayaking paddles to your phone. While they are superbly water- and windproof, however, they are not the warmest gloves – despite the all-conditions claim – and another layer of insulation is recommended if you’re venturing out in really freezing conditions.

Sian Lewis

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