Sidas 3Feet Run Protect insoles review: extra support for easy runs

Sidas 3Feet Run Protects are great, grippy insoles, ideal for ultra runners to use between races on easier runs

Sidas 3Feet Run Protect insoles
(Image: © Claire Maxted)

Advnture Verdict

A great insole that adds extra protection for easy runs and recovery walks after long ultras, with the lighter 3Feet Run Sense insoles also recommended for ultra running.


  • +


  • +

    Cut to size

  • +


  • +

    Increased protection

  • +

    Impact gel cushion in heel

  • +

    Varying arch support


  • -

    Makes shoe slightly heavier

  • -

    Can stiffen the ride

  • -

    You have to get the right arch support for your foot for optimum comfort

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Sidas 3Feet Run Protect insoles: first impressions

Sidas 3Feet Run Protect insoles are designed to maximize comfort and protection for road, trail and ultra runners, as well as making the sock-to-shoe surface grippier so you don’t slip around or find your insole rucking up, which can lead to discomfort and blisters.


• List price: £42 (UK) / $55 (USA)
• Weight (pair size M medium arch): 85g / 3oz
• Colors: Blue and green
• Arch support: Low, medium, high
• Sizes: XS (UK 3, US 5) - XXL (UK 12.5, US 14.5)
• Compatibility: Running, hiking, backpacking – short and long distances

Most people know that finding the right running socks can be almost as important as finding the right running shoes, but it’s not so well known that insoles can make a really big difference too, as we explain in this feature.

Sidas 3Feet Run Protect insoles come in three different arch sizes: low, medium, and high. You work out which one is right for you by stepping damp feet onto a surface where your footprints are visible (a piece of paper or a large brown envelope is ideal). If you have a clear space between the top and base of your foot, you are high; a line on the outside of the foot joining the top and bottom is medium (which is the version I tested here); and if there’s no gap at all you need low. 

Close-up of Sidas 3Feet Run Protect insole heel

You get an impressive amount of bounce from the gel pad (Image credit: Claire Maxted)

They are quick to cut to size if you measure them against your shoe's original insole, and easy to slide inside.

Yes, these do make the shoe slightly heavier by about 40g-50g/1.4oz-1.8oz, because the insoles our shoes come with are usually very light, simple pads of foam, weighing about 40g per pair. However you benefit from a stabilized midfoot, an anti-slip base and more efficient energy transfer, while the gel pad in the heel helps to reduce impact.

Sidas 3Feet Run Protect insoles: on the trails

Close-up of Sidas 3Feet Run Protect insole toe

Make sure you choose the right size for you – it’s all about the height of your mid arch (Image credit: Claire Mexted)

I had never even considered insoles before but during my search for the perfect pair of ultra trail running shoes, (for me, the Saucony Xodus Ultra 2) we were informed by a couple of reliable sources (including elite athlete Tom Evans and coach Tim Piggott) that sock and insole choice were the best way to tweak a shoe into sheer perfection. Having tried a few now I am totally converted, and these in particular I find best for recovery walks and runs after long ultras. 

The bounce that the gel pad gives is quite frankly delicious, and the protection and stability they bring is gratefully received after so many miles on the trails.

Sidas 3Feet Run Sense insoles

The larger Sidas 3Feet Run Sense insoles that I use for actual ultra races (Image credit: Claire Maxted)

I found these slightly stiff for the ultra itself, and preferred to use the slightly lighter 3Feet Run Sense insoles with the Mid Arch support (which I used when completing the rocky, hilly Montane Lakeland 50-mile race this July). I also don’t believe in insoles 'supporting' the arch as this shape is naturally a strong structure – I just use the mid arch version because it feels the most comfortable for my foot shape, and I think it supports my foot in its natural motion.

Sidas 3Feet Run Protect insoles

Elite athlete Tom Evans and coach Tim Piggott recommended I try using insoles (Image credit: Claire Maxted)
Claire Maxted

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