SunGod Velans sunglasses review: a cycling-style windshield

The full wraparound SunGod Velans sunglasses have great coverage and clarity

Woman on mountain wearing SunGod Velans sunglasses
(Image: © Emily Woodhouse)

Advnture Verdict

Although sporting a look more commonly associated with cycling, SunGod’s Velans make great sunglasses for hiking, cross country skiing, exploring peaks and general outdoor use. The simplicity of shape and visor style provide uninterrupted coverage from the sun – like a wraparound windscreen.


  • +

    Very large lenses

  • +

    Great coverage

  • +

    Great visibility


  • -

    A style associated with cycling

  • -

    May be too wide for smaller faces

  • -


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SunGod Velans: first impressions

A more technical pair of shades than the SunGod Sierras, the SunGod Velans (available direct from SunGod) are designed for a slightly wider face shape, and they provide protection from the side. More performance orientated than fashion focussed, they are among the best sunglasses for hiking and mountain activities. 


• List price: $155-$215 (US) / £115-£160 (UK)
• Weight: 29g / 1oz
• Category: 3
• Frame options: Top frame, full frame, top and full frame
• Frame colors: Black, white and more
• Lens colors: Silver blue, gold, green and more
• UV protection: 100%
• VLT: 11%
• Extras: Microfiber pouch
• Suitability: General active outdoor use

The Velans have 8KO spherical lenses in plastic, flexible frames. The frames come with a lifetime adventureproof guarantee, so any breakages to them will be replaced free of charge. You can also choose from just top frames, full frames or a system that lets you swap between both.

There’s a wide range of lens choices available with a full spectrum of visible light transmissions (VLT) ratings, so you can customize these sunglasses to suit your needs. The price is very much dictated by the lens and style you end up choosing, so different prices for ostensibly the same model are possible. While the weight of the glasses is low, the price tag is fairly heavy.

SunGod Velans: on the trails

Woman wearing SunGod Velans

The sizing of the SunGod Velans is fairly large and may overwhelm narrower faces (Image credit: Emily Woodhouse)

I tested these sunglasses with category 3 polarized lenses, but other lenses are available in category 2, 3 or photochromic in a variety of tints. Other colors are also available – in fact, this product can be customized to pretty much whichever color you like, making a pair of sunglasses that are very much your own.

On test I found that the wraparound style of the SunGod Velans provided great visibility and excellent protection from glare, especially in snow and ice. That said, the sizing is quite large and may overwhelm narrower faces. 

Being able to customize to your exact tastes is always a nice touch, as is the frame guarantee. I’ve had these sunglasses for over a year and they haven’t broken under regular use, although one arm has become a bit wobblier than the other. It would be nice to have a case included, however, and that addition might save SunGod money on their guarantee.

Ive worn these sunglasses up alpine peaks and down country lanes. If you choose your lenses wisely (I was wearing Cat 3 lenses, at the very lowest end of its VLT range) they can cover you for summer snow as well as countryside hikes.

Emily Woodhouse

An adventure writer based on Dartmoor, England, Emily is an active member of Mountain Rescue and a summer Mountain Leader, but loves all things adventure – before her third birthday she had lived on three continents. Founder of Intrepid magazine, she works to help break stereotypes about women in the outdoors. Her expeditions have included walking all Dartmoor’s 119 tors in a single two-week outing, cycling to Switzerland and back, and riding the Rhine from source to sea.