Best camping buckets

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There are few items as useful when camping as a bucket. You can use it to wash clothes, do the dishes, put out fires and store freshly caught fish in. You could even be traditional and use it to fetch water. 

Every camper needs a bucket then but it’s worth getting one that is collapsible so you never have to leave it behind when packing. If you’re hiking, the ability to flatten the bucket to fit in your backpack is an essential attribute. Of course, being collapsible also means an increased risk of leaks so the best camping buckets need to be durable as well as highly portable. Here are buckets ideally suited to camping that won’t let you down on your next trip in the outdoors.

Best overall

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Esthesia Collapsible Bucket

20 liters and no leaks with this fabric bucket

This blue bucket had a good 20-liter capacity but folds down to 4.3 inches for easy storage. Made from premium waterproof BPA-free 500D tarpaulin with double-stitched, sealed seams, it will hold water without leaking. Large comfortable handles make it easier to carry even when filled. 

Most versatile

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The Friendly Swede Collapsible Bucket

Includes lid, pocket and pouring handle

Friendly Swede has included a lid and mesh pocket with its versatile collapsible fabric bucket. It also has a pouring handle on the base which lets you hang it up to dry. The bucket is made from foldable BPA-free heavy-duty PVC which is waterproof and safe to drink from. It collapses down flat after use.

Best for car camping

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UST FlexWare Collapsible Bucket

Collapsible but stiff and stable

Made from thermoplastic rubber, UST’s bucket is flexible but stiffer than fabric and comes reinforced with a plastic rim and base for added stability. A secure handle makes it convenient to carry and the ridged plastic concertinas down easily when you want to pack it up. 

Best value

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Tiawudi Collapsible Sink

Sink-shaped and sturdy

More sink than a bucket, this is perfect to use as a camping washbasin. Made from thermoplastic rubber, it’s durable but sturdy and collapses down well thanks to the ridged construction. A plastic rim and base add stability. The sink shape is also good as an ice bucket for drinks or for collecting wood.

Bottom line

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Buckets are perhaps the ultimate versatile, useful item. They come into their own when camping and you don’t have a sink, bathtub or bowl to wash in. From soaking dishes to soaking your feet after a day of hiking, you will never regret bringing a good collapsible one camping. Additionally, they are good for storing items, carrying wood or food and as a drinking bowl for your dog or horse. When it comes to camping buckets then, we think the Esthesia Collapsible Bucket is the best bucket at the right price. It’s made from a great, flexible but durable material that folds up small but doesn’t leak. It will fit in any backpack and yet perform so many useful functions on your trip.

If you want a collapsible sink instead, the Tiawudi Collapsible Sink is a good choice at the price. They are durable and collapsible and although not as deep as a traditional bucket, they would work well for washing dishes or even carrying wood. 

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