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Although wild campers are happy with a shovel and a secluded spot (which should be at least 200ft from water sources), toilets are essential for most of us on camping trips. In fact, concerns over not being able to access a good toilet can put many people off sleeping in a tent in the first place. And while all but the most basic campsites will have the necessary facilities, they might not be clean, particularly in peak season, or easy to get to in the middle of the night, in a rainstorm. The problem is compounded if you have children. 

A solution to the problem is to take your own. Camping toilets come in all shapes and sizes and range from elaborate flushable models to variations on a bucket with a seat. What you gain in comfort by having something similar to what you use at home, the less portable it is, so it’s good to work out where you stand (or sit) when it comes to acceptable toileting. We’ll help you work out which one is right for your trip.

Best overall

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GO Anywhere Complete Portable Camping Toilet

Truly portable fold-up toilet

Portable toilets don’t get much lighter than this 7lb toilet that folds down to briefcase size. Yet it will support up to 500lbs and doesn’t require assembly. You really can go anywhere with the waste kit (one included then available separately) that contains a waste bag, gelling/deodorizing agent, zip lock disposal bag, toilet paper and hand wipe. No chemicals or water are needed.

Best for RVs

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SereneLife Outdoor Portable Toilet

Easy to empty and comes with a case

This stable full-size toilet feels close to what you sit on at home and is ideally suited to RVs or luxury camping trips. A 5.3-gallon tank means it holds more than most rivals and so needs emptying less. When you do need to though it's incredibly easy with a splash-free rotating pour spout. It’s made of heavy-duty odor-resistant materials that will stand up to years of use and comes with a carrying case.

Best value

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Camco Portable Toilet Bucket with Seat and Lid Attachment

Simple-but-it-works toileting

The toilet seat snaps securely on to the rim of the five-gallon bucket that makes up this portable, durable toilet. There’s a lid attachment to close on the toilet and it comes with three bag liners. Easy to clean and light to carry with the attached carrying handle.

Best for comfort

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Alpcour Portable Toilet

Your portable ‘oval office’!

You can take this full-functioning toilet anywhere. There’s no compromising on comfort as it’s sturdy and supportive to sit on and will flush around 50 times with a sprayer keeping the bowl clean. A rotating spout allows you to safely dispose of the waste contents when full with an anti-leak drain to keep the liquids and odors at bay. Two built-in handles make it easy to carry and it comes with a travel bag. 

Bottom line

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It’s good to take control of your camping toilet situation. Whatever you do, it's important to dispose of your waste responsibly and leave no trace. If you’re worried about having access to one in the middle of the night or getting your kids dressed and out in the rain, bringing your own can make a lot of sense. For just those occasions we recommend the GO Anywhere Complete Portable Camping Toilet. It’s a great folding design that feels very sturdy and stable when set up and will cater for all your family’s toileting needs even if you’re miles away from plumbing. The waste kit makes it easier and more hygienic but you can improvise with your own bags too.

If you want to toilet in something approaching luxury though, we would go for the Alpcour Portable Toilet. It’s not for lightweight camping but it’s close to what you’d expect inside and the clever flushing and disposal features will be very welcome when you come to need them.

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