Adidas launches its "most advanced running shoe" with unusual lattice midsole

Person wearing Adidas 4DFWD 2 running shoes
(Image credit: Adidas)

Adidas has launched a new road running shoe designed to deliver improved forward motion thanks to an unusual bowtie-shaped lattice structure in the midsole, which turns vertical pressure into horizontal force.

The company claims that the Adidas 4DFWD 2 is its "most advanced running shoe" to date, and says it evaluated over 5,000 versions of the lattice before settling on its final design. It says that the structure gives a smoother transition by transferring force in a way that prevents the stop-start motion of running, where forward momentum pauses briefly with each foot strike.

The shoe also features an outsole is made using Continental rubber for additional grip in wet conditions, a snug engineered mesh upper, and an integrated heel counter for improved fit.

It will be on general sale from September 1 for $200 / £170, and is available now to members of the Adidas Creators Club loyalty program. It will be available in both men's and women's sizes, in colorways including orange, gray, and white.

Cat Ellis

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