New Adidas shoes bring 'super foam' to everyday runners

Adidas Supernova Rise shoe
(Image credit: Adidas)

Adidas has launched the first of three new Supernova road running shoes that borrow design features from the company's Adizero 'super shoes' and bring them to ordinary runners.

The Supernova Rise is available to buy from today (December 1), while the Supernova Solution and Supernova Stride will go on sale on February 22.

All three use a new type of midsole foam called Dreamstrike+, which takes inspiration from the Lightstrike Pro foam used in the Adizero series. This new foam makes up the entire midsole of the Supernova Rise and Solution, and is used on the forefoot area of the Supernova Stride, paired with a more conventional EVA compound elsewhere.

Support rod stability

The Supernova Rise and Solution also feature a 'support rod system' embedded in the outsole, which Adidas says is inspired by the physiology of your foot in motion, and provides support and stability where needed. In the Supernova Solution, the two muddle rods are splinted together for even more support.

Made on men's and women's specific lasts, the Supernova Rise is on sale for £129.90 / $140 direct from Adidas and from third-party retailers.

Cat Ellis

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