Asics unleashes limited edition sneaker that’s been literally set on fire

Airei x Asics Gel-Quantum Kinetic
Airei x Asics Gel-Quantum Kinetic (Image credit: Airei)

Definitely intended more for catwalks than trails (or possibly even the streets, unless you like wino-chic), Asics and Los Angeles-based fashion label Airei have teamed up on a super-limited sneaker that’s been pre-burnt for you on purchase.

Only 30 pairs of the Airei x Asics Gel-Quantum Kinetic have been made, and they’re certainly hot stuff. As part of the manufacturing process, they’ve been covered with a handwoven khadi gauze made in India without the use of electricity. Airei then set each pair ablaze to reveal the all-black sneaker beneath with a unique finish created by the flames.

And if they don’t look frazzled enough already for your tastes, each pair comes with a set of matches to you can set them alight afresh. Well, the least you can expect if you’re forking out $265 for a pair is some free matches, right? Though a fire extinguisher might also be handy. (For more hardy footwear here’s how to make running shoes last longer.)

The boxes have also been wrapped in the same gauze – so keep away from naked flames.

“Flames symbolize immersion in a noble cause, fabrics bearing scars and challenges overcome,” say Airei.

Sadly, they’re not available online. The Airei x Asics Gel-Quantum Kinetic is released today to coincide with the Felix Art Fair in Los Angeles. Pairs will only be available at Dover Street Market’s booth at the fair, and tickets aren’t needed to access the space.