Audi reveals luxury electric mountain bike for adventurers with deep pockets

Audio e-MTB on muddy trail
(Image credit: Audi)

Audi has launched a new luxury e-MTB as a two-wheeled counterpart to the all-electric RS Q e-tron E2 car, which won four stages of last year's Dakar Rally.

Most luxury carmakers have dipped a toe in the world of road e-bikes (including Mercedes-Benz and Lexus to name just a couple) and several are now veering into the mud as well. In 2018 Lamborghini revealed the all-terrain front suspension Crosser, and last year Porsche debuted the similarly named eBike Cross (a collaboration with Fox).

Audi's new e-bike features wide, knobbly tires for handling thick mud, and a light aluminum frame (available in three sizes). This is fitted with an integrated 65V battery pack connected to a 200w motor that offers three power assist options.

As BikeRadar explains, the Eco mode is designed to balance efficiency and range, Sport is intended for sport cycling (rather than cruising), Tour gives a 'notable', and Boost gives a brief surge of power to help summit hills.

The bike (snappily known as the Audi Electric Mountain Bike Powered by Fantic) comes in three frame sizes is available through Audi's Genuine Accessories division for the princely sum of £8,499 (roughly $10,000). That's about the same price as the Porsche eBike Cross, and half that of the Lamborghini Crosser.

Cat Ellis

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