Bear injures woman in Montana, just days after fatal grizzly attack in Canada

Bear warning sign at Glacier National Park, Montana, USA
(Image credit: Getty)

A woman has been hospitalized after being attacked by a bear in Montana. The victim and her husband were walking their dog along the popular Trail Creek Road on the US-Canada board on Sunday. NBC reports that the bear took the couple by surprise, emerging from thick brush.

In a statement, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks (FWP) explained that the woman's husband used bear spray, which forced the animal to retreat. She was taken by helicopter to a hospital in Kalispell, near Glacier National Park. She hasn't been named, and details of her condition have not been released. 

Officials haven't yet established whether the animal was a black or brown bear (both are found throughout Montana), but urge members of the public to be bear aware. For more advice, see our guide what to do if you meet a bear.

The incident took place just days after a couple and their dog were killed by a grizzly bear at Banff National Park, Canada. The couple triggered their emergency satellite communicator, but poor weather conditions meant rescuers were unable to deploy a helicopter, and by the time rescuers arrived on the scene, both people had passed away from their injuries.

The bear was found shortly afterwards behaving aggressively, and was euthanized for public safety.

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