This electric snowboard will send you gliding across the powder at 30mph

Cyrusher Ripple electric snowboard
(Image credit: Cyrusher)

Electric skateboards are nothing new and we've seen battery-powered surfboards before, but this electric snowboard from e-bike builder Cyrusher (pronounced sigh-rush-er) is something different. 

Most electric snowboards are either ambitious DIY projects or chunky e-scooters with tractor treads. However, as New Atlas explains, the Cyrusher Ripple offers a truly hands-free ride with proper snowboard bindings.

The Ripple is fitted with a 3,000W hub motor and 12.6Ah battery, resulting in a maximum range of 15-20km, and a top speed of 50kmph (31mph) on the flat. Propulsion comes from a single wheel, with a tire that Cyrusher says is specifically designed for the very niche area of electric snowboards and will provide plenty of traction on different terrains.

There's an adjustable suspension system, which should soak up bumps for a smoother ride, and adapt to the contours of the snow. You can also shift the position of the motor up and down to allow to suit your weight and the depth of the snow.

Tempted? There's a special Christmas offer running right now, which knocks the Ripple down from $2,499 to $2,199. That goes up to $2,599 with bindings included, and $3,299 with bindings and a second battery.

Cat Ellis

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