Careless tourist literally gets a kick out of a grouchy giraffe

Rothschilds Giraffe
(Image credit: Getty Images / Arthur Morris)

In a pleasant to change to grouchy grizzlies and badass bison in US National Parks, with this post we give you a somewhat more exotic beast in more exotic location. But the animal’s attitude is very familiar.

So, we’re off to South Africa, where a female hiker decided to get a close-up look at one of the world’s tallest mammals – a giraffe (we bet selfie-opportunity was on her mind).

In the video, shared by The Weather Channel, you can see her approaching the animal, stretching out her arms as the giraffe tries to walk away. She doesn’t get the message, and so the giraffe decides to get across its point more effectively.


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The New York Times managed to track the woman and speak to her about the incident.

Musiiwa Sikhwari said, “The giraffe pet my shoulder and I fell but there were no injuries.”

Well, that’s good news, but she has as strange definition on the word “pet”.

To be fair, giraffes aren’t the most aggressive animals, but of they feel in danger – or feel that their calves are in dangers – they will lash out with their legs, or their extremely powerful necks. So Sikhwari could have read the warning signs a bit more clearly.