Issey Miyake’s barefoot running shoe collaboration with New Balance will deliver “sensuous physicality”

Issey Miyake x New Balance MT10O
Issey Miyake x New Balance MT10O (Image credit: Issey Miyake)

Japanese fashion brand Issey Miyake is best known to most famous for its scents, but don’t worry, it's not releasing a new perfume called Eau de Trail Runner. 

Instead Issey Miyake has teamed up with New Balance to create a new barefoot-running-inspired shoe collaboration that – in wonderfully hyperbolic fashion – promises “sensuous physicality”. Well, that’s a new way of saying, “You can feel every stone.”

But while all other running shoe brands seem obsessed with producer ever-more bouncy-castle-style cushioning, it’s refreshing to see a collaboration that takes a different route.

The Issey Miyake x New Balance MT10O takes as its inspiration the sleek, minimalist running sneakers of the 2010s, promising a feeling of “sensuous physicality and barefoot mobility”, says Issey Miyake designer Satoshi Kondo.

It’s based on New Balance’s MT10, which was first introduced in 2011 as part of the Boston-based sportswear brand’s ‘Minimus’ series, with its minimal padding, cushioning and sole. Kondo says he was inspired by the “natural and honest shape“ of the sneaker.

Issey Miyake x New Balance MT10O

(Image credit: ssey Miyake)

The Issey Miyake × New Balance MT10O combines aerodynamic panels of mesh with leather, and features cord shoelaces in the style of modern trail running sneakers and hiking boots. 

And while you might be thinking that this more for showing off round town than running in, the two collaborators are serious about its practical credentials. The Vibram outsole is designed for off-road and trail running, providing “grip and durability”, with a 4mm drop designed for a midfoot strike.

The MT10O also features a co-branded logo and a special shoe case to reflect the sneaker’s limited-edition status. It will be available in white, black and blue/green colorways.

The sneakers launch in Japan on 15 May 2024, with a global release to follow on June 14th 2024. Price tbc.