Clueless tourists stop for a spot of "fishing" in raging waterfall at Brazilian beauty spot

Close-up of man's hands holding fishing rod
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Three people have been spotted attempting to fish in a raging waterfall at Cachoeira Urubu Ecological Park, a popular hiking destination in Brazil. In a video shared this week via Instagram account TouronsOfNationalParks, the three men can be seen on a rock at the top of the Urubu waterfall, with one casting a line into the churning water while another two sit and watch as the water washes over their legs. It's not clear how the three got onto the rock, or how they intend to get back up again.

The park is located in the state of Piauí, between Esperantina and Batalha. Its aim is let guests enjoy the beautiful scenery, while also protecting it for future generations. It's possible for visitors to bathe in some pools at the bottom of the falls, and a 400-meter walkway that spans both banks of the Longá River gives visitors a dramatic view across the brink.

You'll spot the walkway in the video below (captioned 'don't worry, I'm going fishing with my cousin Jessé').

Waterfalls provide a backdrop for some stunning hikes, and there's nothing quite like feeling the spray on your face, but they also present some particular dangers that you should be aware of before heading out.

The ground around waterfalls is often slippery, so it's important to make sure you choose the right footwear. Even on a warm day, proper hiking shoes or hiking boots with a rubber sole and deep lugs are the safest option.

It can be tempting to try and get closer to the water for a better look, but always stay on the trail. Fast-flowing water erodes rock and can create deep gorges, which may not always be obvious. Also pay attention to trail closures and signs; conditions may be hazardous depending on the weather, so be prepared to turn around if necessary.

For more advice, take a look at our list of nine safety tips for waterfall hikes.

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