Man uses skis to surf some of the world’s most colossal waves

Chuck Patterson surfing on water skis in Nazaré, Portugal
(Image credit: Chuck Patterson / Instagram)

You may have heard of skurfing (which is basically being towed behind a boat on a tea tray), but could multitasking extreme water sportsman Chuck Patterson have invented the sport of skirfing*?

That’s surfing, but on water skis. And not just surfing ankle snappers; we’re talking some of the biggest waves in the world here.

(* We have, of course, made up this term – do not expect to see it at the Paris Olympics.)

Patterson has been on a trip to Nazaré, Portugal (where, according to Red Bull, seven of the ten largest waves ever surfed have been recorded) along with big wave cinematographer @tim_bonython_swellchasers, to film what he’s called the “stunt of a lifetime”. And he just releases a teaser which is looking pretty awesome already. 

This must have been insanely tricky (and freakishly skillful) to pull off.

“Heaviest first turns of the season at Nazarè, Portugal couldn’t have gone better. I’ve always been curious to feel the power and energy of this majestic place even on this smaller swell, the rides were super sketchy with no room for error. Having the best driver and a solid safety plan made all the difference. More to come very soon,” promises Patterson.

Patterson is, according to his website, “a self-proclaimed addict to anything made of snow or water. Chuck constantly pushes the boundaries on what’s possible. From surfing Hawaii’s 40-60 foot waves at Peahi (aka Jaws) and Mavericks in Northern California on custom snow skis, to paddling alongside great white sharks in their natural element, Chuck feels most at home exploring mother nature's playground.”

We await further news on when and where the final video of the stunt makes its premiere.