This 5G e-bike with AI collision detection is nearest thing to a smartphone on wheels yet

Orbic 5G e-bike
(Image credit: Orbic)

Why take a phone with you on a bikepacking trip when your bike can do it all? Yes, even film your ride and livestream it.

That's just one feature packed into what tech company Orbic is calling 'the world’s first 5G-enabled e-bike'. Unveiled at Mobile World Congress 2024, it's a fat-tire bike designed to be at home on mountain trails and urban streets, that has a few tricks in its frame, including AI collision detection, its own inbuilt screen on the handlebars, and cameras front and back.

It is, basically, the nearest thing to a smartphone on two wheels yet. We’re sure one day all bikes will be built to be fully connected to the internet of things, but the Orbic 5G is first to the market, so let’s see what it’s promising.

The Orbic 5G is capable of reaching up to 45km/h and incorporates an advanced AI avoidance detection system which alerts riders to potential hazards, such as oncoming vehicles.

It’s also equipped with a front-facing 64MP camera tailor-made for capturing and livestreaming rides and a 2MP rear camera for enhanced rider safety, collision avoidance and object detection.

Furthermore, its 7-inch, handlebar-mounted “bright all weather touchscreen“ has its own 8MP camera that will let you share rides, and even video-chat with other Orbic 5G riders.

The bike's touchscreen display also displays the rider's battery status, speed, distance, maps, tracking, and various other functionalities so users can safely remain focused on the path ahead. The Orbic 5G e-bike also acts as a hotspot to extend connectivity anywhere; at a picnic, on the trail, and even at home at a backyard barbeque.

Orbic 5G e-bike screen

Orbic 5G e-bike screen (Image credit: Orbic)

“Introducing Orbic’s 5G e-bike at MWC Barcelona is part of our innovation pipeline that implements advanced technology to expand connectivity and enhance user experiences," says Mike Narula, president and CEO of Orbic.

“By integrating 5G connectivity and AI technology, we aim to redefine the riding experience, making it safer, more connected and environmentally responsible whether on city streets, in suburban neighborhoods or the challenging terrain of mountain trails. The 5G e-bike represents a significant leap forward in electronic mobility, and we are excited about bringing this new technology to cities across the globe.”

It will be fascinating to see if other e-bike manufacturers take up the interconnectivity challenge and we look forward to seeing what riders and reviewers really think of the Orbic e-bike – is it more than just a gimmick, and how does it really handle on trails? After all, Orbic is a tech specialist, not a bike specialist. The proof is in the pedalling.

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