Table Mountain mugger falls to his death after being pepper-sprayed by hiker

View of Table Mountain and Cape Town City at sunrise
(Image credit: Getty Images / Peter Unger)

The recent spate of muggings on Table Mountain continues with another shocking incident, which resulted in the death of a mugger, on the same day as a hikers united for a rally on the mountain to raise awareness of safety issues in the area.

According to South Africa’s Times Live, two muggers attacked a group of hikers on the Kasteelpoort trail near Camps Bay in Cape Town. But one of the muggers was pepper-spayed by one of his intended victims, and as he tried to run from the scene, he tripped and fell to his death.

In a statement, the Table Mountain National Park (TMNP) said: “Details provided by the victims are that two suspected robbers stole cellphones, a watch, cash and jewellery. During the robbery, one suspect was pepper-sprayed whilst trying to flee and fell. This fall seems to have led to the death of the suspect.” 

The incident happened last Sunday, ironically the same day as a rally organized by Take Back Our Mountain and the Hikers Network to raise awareness and educate hikers about safety took place in the Table Mountain National Park.

Take Back Our Mountain rally on Table Mountain January 21st 2024

Take Back Our Mountain rally on Table Mountain January 21st 2024  (Image credit: Take Back Our Mountain)

They were joined by two hikers from the UK, Don and Yvonne Cormack, who returned to Cape Tape for the first time since they were mugged on Table Mountain in January 2018, when Don sustained nine stab wounds and Yvonne was injured while defending him.

“After our incident, I remember thinking I’m not coming back to Cape Town,” Don told Cape Town Etc. “A few days later, I had such support from fellow hikers. There was always someone at my bedside, giving Yvonne support while I was in the hospital.

“I feel that if I didn’t hike, the attackers would have won. It is such a beautiful country and they (criminals) are robbing it of all of its dignity. And for what, a camera or watch?”

Sadly, the Table Mountain crimewave shows no signs of abating. Just this past December two men who robbed a group of mountain bikers at knifepoint, while another group of hikers was attacked on the jeep track close to Military Road on the slopes above Tamboerskloof.

Andy Davies, chairperson of Friends of Table Mountain, says the group has identified 16 hotspots in the park.