Rangers at Zion National Park baked cookies on a car dashboard – and it worked

Homemade cookies on baking tray
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Temperatures at Zion National Park have been hitting the triple digits consistently over recent weeks, and it doesn't look like the heat will be breaking any time soon, so Park Rangers decided to carry out an experiment and try baking a sheet of cookies on the dashboard of a parked car.

The Rangers weren't able to determine the exact temperature inside the car because their thermometer melted and broke, but it could have become as hot as 200°F in the sun. After three hours, the cookies were deemed done. In fact, they were slightly overcooked and a little on the crunchy side.

The Rangers shared a video of the process (which you can watch below) to make a serious point. Cars can get very hot, very quickly, which can be extremely dangerous to people and animals left inside.

"Zion is hot!" warns the National Park Service (NPS). "The interior temperature of a vehicle can quickly warm to dangerous levels, during most months of the year. Leaving a pet unattended in a vehicle with environmental conditions that pose a health risk to the animal is prohibited."

In fact, it's probably best to leave your dog with a trusted sitter when you visit Zion. Pets are only allowed on one trail at the park (the Pa'rus Trail, which begins at the Zion Canyon Visitor Center. The rest of your walks will be limited to roads and developed areas, and even then your dog must be kept on a short leash.

For some destinations that are better suited to adventures with your pup, take a look at our guide to the eight best National Parks for dogs.

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