Surprise game fish landed from Thames and Severn rivers

(Image credit: Angler's Mail)

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Schoolboy Cole Lister was chuffed to take a salmon estimated over 20 lb during a pike session on the upper River Severn at Newtown in Powys with dad David.

The ten-year-old was using a Rapala plug when the River Severn surprise giant struck.

David explained: “Unfortunately salmon end up in some places where I know big pike are so accidents inevitably happen sometimes.

“We didn’t weigh it as I wanted to get the fish back as quick as I could, I’ve had lots of salmon and a good guess is it topped 20 lb.

“We also crimp the barbs off all lures this time of year too in case we hook any salmon,” added David, when reporting on the River Severn stunner.

Thames produces jumbo sea trout

Richard Lawrence with his 9 lb sea trout

Richard Lawrence with his 9 lb sea trout (Image credit: Angler's Mail)

Game surprises have also delighted anglers on other rivers.

Floorlayer Richard Lawrence got the surprise of his life when he latched into a 9 lb sea trout while he was fishing for barbel and carp on the lower River Thames.

Most of the lower and tidal reaches of the Thames, where they are publicly accessible, are free fishing.

And while big bags of bream, hefty perch and some impressive carp delight anglers on those stretches, rarely are any game fish from the river big enough to be reported.

Crystal Palace, South London-based Richard, 45, said: “I didn’t catch anything else.

“It was only a short evening session for my birthday for a river carp or barbel…. and not caught by design or choice!

“Was gobsmacked when I realised what I had caught especially as I was legering luncheon meat.

“It was a fantastic looking specimen. I didn’t even know they could be caught in the Thames and had never seen one until now!” he concluded.