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We often think of Amazon Prime Day as a time to grab a great deal on a super desirable piece of tech (like a Garmin watch), but it's also an opportunity to stock up on the basics for much less than you'd pay during the rest of the year.

It might be tough to get excited about wet wipes, batteries, or allergy tablets, but we guarantee you won't regret having plenty in stock for future camping expeditions.

One thing to bear in mind: toilet paper lasts indefinitely, but if you're bulk-buying first-aid essentials, make sure you use them up before they hit their expiry dates.

Cheap camping essentials in the US

Up to 47% off sunscreen at Amazon

Up to 47% off sunscreen at Amazon
There's a huge range of sunscreen in this year's Prime Day sales, including high SPF formulations that are good for camping and hiking, and hypoallergenic lotions that are suitable for sensitive skin, all with big savings.

WaterWipes Biodegradable Baby Wipes:$45$29.30 at AmazonSave $16.69

WaterWipes Biodegradable Baby Wipes: $45 $29.30 at Amazon
Save $16.69 If you're heading into the backcountry without running water, sometimes you just have to reach for the baby wipes. These ones are formulated with 99.9% purified water to avoid irritating sensitive skin, and you're getting 12 packs of 60 wipes for this Prime Day price.

Claritin Chewable Allergy Tablets For Kids: $33.99 $22.20 at AmazonSave $11.79

Claritin Chewable Allergy Tablets For Kids: $33.99 $22.20 at Amazon
Save $11.79 A first-aid essential for camping trips, this pack of 40 24-hour allergy tablets will help ward off hayfever when the kids are exploring the great outdoors. They've never been this cheap before, so it's well worth grabbing a pack or two. 

The Honest Company Wipes:$40.84$30.09 at AmazonSave $10.75

The Honest Company Wipes: $40.84 $30.09 at Amazon
Save $10.75 This Prime Day deal gives you 10 packs of 72 extra-thick plant-based wipes for keeping yourself and your campsite clean in the backcountry. They've never been this cheap before, almost always selling for full price, so this is a great opportunity to stock up.

Mrs Meyer's Liquid Hand Soap:$12.23$8.38 at AmazonSave $3.85

Mrs Meyer's Liquid Hand Soap: $12.23 $8.38 at Amazon
Save $3.85 This three-pack of biodegradable soap is ideal for cleaning up at camp, and is formulated to avoid drying out your hands. Prime Day is a good time to stock up, and you can use it at home too.

Cheap camping essentials in the UK

Up to 33% off sunscreen at Amazon

Up to 33% off sunscreen at Amazon
There are big savings on high SPF sprays and creams at Amazon for Prime Day, including waterproof formulations and mineral-based sunscreens that are safe for sensitive skin.

Jungle Formula Insect Repellent Bundle:£24.47£13.99 at Amazon Save £10.48

Jungle Formula Insect Repellent Bundle: £24.47 £13.99 at Amazon
Save £10.48 This pack includes everythig you need to avoid bites and stings when you're hiking and camping: a high strength spray, kids' lotion, and handy roll-on, all far cheaper than buying them separately or outside Prime Day.

WaterWipes Biodegradable Baby Wipes:£21.99£16.50 at AmazonSave £5.49

WaterWipes Biodegradable Baby Wipes: £21.99 £16.50 at Amazon
Save £5.49 For those occasions when you need to clean yourself (or the kids) up without water, a packet or two of baby wipes is always a sensible investment. These are 99.9% water-based and suitable for sensitive skin. This isn't their absolute lowest ever price, but it's close.

Safety First Aid Essentials: £24.95£19.89 at AmazonSave £5.06

Safety First Aid Essentials: £24.95 £19.89 at Amazon
Save £5.06 Replenish your first aid kits with plasters, sterile eye wash, alcohol-free wipes, wound dressings, and tape. These supplies don't last forever, so if yours have expired, this is the perfect chance to replace them.

Benadryl Allergy Relief Capsules:£5.49£2.99 at AmazonSave £2.50

Benadryl Allergy Relief Capsules: £5.49 £2.99 at Amazon
Save £2.50 This isn't the most exciting deal of Prime Day, but anyone who suffers from hayfever will appreciate 46% off fast-acting antihistamines. If you're not so picky about the brand and cetirizine works for you, you can grab a six-month supply of tablets for £3.17.

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