The best camping deals in Amazon's Big Spring Sale: tents galore

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Amazon has launched its first sale of 2024, and we're hand-picking all the best deals on camping gear. Whether you're looking for a new tent or just want to upgrade your kitchen setup, you're in the right place to find all the biggest discounts.

The event is called the Amazon Big Spring Sale in the US, and Spring Deal Days in the UK. Deals started at midnight on March 20 and run until 23:59 on March 25, though the most popular offers are likely to sell out before then, and there will be short-lived Lightning Deals throughout the period.

Unlike most of Amazon's other sales, you don't need to be an Amazon Prime subscriber to get these deal prices. We'll be adding more offers each day, so if you can't see what you're looking for, bookmark this page and come back again later to see what's new.

We're also rounding up all the best Garmin deals and best Yeti deals in the Big Spring Sale, so stick with Advnture to make sure you don't miss out.

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Amazon isn't the only retailer cutting the price of camping essentials, so we've rounded up a list of stores running their own sales, plus today's best prices on some of our favorite outdoor gear.

US camping deals

Yeti Rambler 46oz Bottle: $61.62$46.27 at AmazonSave $15.35

Yeti Rambler 46oz Bottle: $61.62 $46.27 at Amazon
Save $15.35 There's 25% off this large capacity insulated bottle with Chug Cap in the Amazon Big Spring Sale. Other colors are similarly priced, so have a browse before you add it to your cart.

Yeti Rambler 26oz Straw Cup: $35$25.24 at AmazonSave $9.76

Yeti Rambler 26oz Straw Cup: $35 $25.24 at Amazon
Save $9.76 The insulated Rambler Straw Cup is perfect for summer, and there's 28% off in the pretty Seafoam colorway in Amazon's Big Spring Sale. Again, other colors are similarly priced, so have a browse.

Yeti Rambler 26oz Bottle:$53.75$39.99 at AmazonSave $13.76

Yeti Rambler 26oz Bottle: $53.75 $39.99 at Amazon
Save $13.76 Yeti relaunched fan-favorite color King Crab Orange earlier this year, and this is bound to be a popular deal with 26% off the list price. It includes Yeti's signature Chug Cap for easy drinking.

UK camping deals

Coleman Darwin 2 Tent:£99.99£61.49 at AmazonSave £38.50

Coleman Darwin 2 Tent: £99.99 £61.49 at Amazon
Save £38.50 A super compact, super affordable tent that'd be a great choice for summer festivals. It includes air flaps for ventilation (important when the temperature creeps up) and is 100% waterproof for those summer downpours.

Coleman Darwin 3 Plus Tent:£139.99£85.19 at AmazonSave £54.80

Coleman Darwin 3 Plus Tent: £139.99 £85.19 at Amazon
Save £54.80 An excellent choice for couples this festival season (opting for a three-person tent gives you more space for your belongings). The Darwin 3 is fantastic value in Amazon's spring sale, is totally waterproof, simple to pitch, and will withstand windy weather.

Coleman Bedrock 2 Tent: £109.99£89.49 at AmazonSave £20.50

Coleman Bedrock 2 Tent: £109.99 £89.49 at Amazon
Save £20.50 Looking for a cheap backpacking tent? Look no further. The compact Bedrock 2 is a great choice for travelling light, weighing only 2kg and packing down super small. 

Coleman Cobra 3 Tent:£169.99£99.99 at AmazonSave £70

Coleman Cobra 3 Tent: £169.99 £99.99 at Amazon
Save £70 There's an impressive 41% off this lightweight, low-profile three-person tent in Amazon's spring sale. Despite its small size, it has two entrances and two porch areas for boots and backpacks.

Coleman Darwin 4 Tent: £169.99£103.49 at AmazonSave £66.50

Coleman Darwin 4 Tent: £169.99 £103.49 at Amazon
Save £66.50 A four-person tunnel-style tent at an excellent price in Amazon's spring sale. Good for weekends away or festivals, with a streamlined design that'll do well in high winds.

Coleman Coastline 3 Plus Tent:£169.99£144.39 at Amazon Save £25.60

Coleman Coastline 3 Plus Tent: £169.99 £144.39 at Amazon
Save £25.60 A practical three-person tunnel-style tent with a huge porch area for storing backpacks and muddy boots. The tunnel design makes it a good choice for pitching in windy locations, and the sewn-in ground sheet will keep you dry.

Coleman The Blackout 3 Tent:£179.99£152.49 at AmazonSave £27.50

Coleman The Blackout 3 Tent: £179.99 £152.49 at Amazon
Save £27.50 Sleeping can be tricky in the summer when the sun rises early, but this three-person tent blocks out almost all light so you can sleep soundly until a sensible time. It also keeps things cool and offers excellent protection from UV rays.

Coleman Octagon 3 Tent:£239.99£156.49 at AmazonSave £83.50

Coleman Octagon 3 Tent: £239.99 £156.49 at Amazon
Save £83.50 A novel shape gives this three-person tent a 360-degree view, making it a great option for scenic camping spots. Just roll the blinds and take it all in. The steel poles are colour-coded to make pitching easier.

More camping deals

Can't see what you're looking for? Here are today's best prices on more top-rated camping essentials. All the products below have been personally tested and recommended by the team here at Advnture.


What is the Amazon Big Spring Sale?

A deals event starting at midnight on March 20, and finishing at 23:59 on March 25.

Do I need Amazon Prime for the Big Spring Sale?

No, the Amazon Big Spring Sale deals are available to everyone, whether you have a Prime membership or not.

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