SunGod launches new Tokas everyday sunglasses for in between adventures

SunGod Tokas sunglasses
(Image credit: SunGod)

SunGod, maker of some of the best trail running sunglasses, has launched a new pair of everyday shades for the summer months. The new SunGod Tokas have a light, square-shaped frame to wear in between your outdoor adventures, but share plenty of DNA with sportier models like the Sierras, Tempests, and Ultras to make them light, tough, and comfortable.

Each pair of Tokas has a 100% recycled memory polymer frame, which will flex without snapping and spring back to its original shape, and are certified carbon neutral.

You can choose either standard lenses, or SunGod's own 8KO material, which makes them lighter, clearer, and tougher. All lenses feature triple-layer scratch-resistance and 100% UV protection.

The Tokas are available to buy now direct from SunGod starting at $90/£70, with an array of frame and lens colors to choose from, and can be customized for no extra cost.

Cat Ellis

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