These McLaren running shoes put Formula One tech on your feet – for a price

Two people wearing APL McLaren HySpeed running shoes
(Image credit: APL / McLaren)

If your regular runs are feeling sluggish and your wallet is weighing you down, Formula One racing team McLaren has released a pair of carbon fiber-equipped road shoes to give you some extra oomph.

The HySpeed shoes were developed by McLaren and sportswear company Athletic Propulsion Labs. As reports, they feature a heel with three-piece cushioning that takes inspiration from the team's Senna seats, a non-stretch woven upper for a snug fit, and a midsole with nitrogen-infused foam.

There's also a full-length carbon plate integrated into the midsole to improve energy transfer. Carbon plates first came to prominence in January 2020, when World Athletics banned the Nike Vaporfly carbon shoes worn by Eliud Kipchoge during his attempt to break the two-hour marathon record.

Since then, carbon plates have gone mainstream, and almost all the big running shoe brands releasing their own take on the tech, so it's no surprise that it's made its way into a shoe designed by an F1 team.

Pair of APL McLaren HySpeed running shoes in orange

(Image credit: McLaren / Athletic Propulsion Labs)

It's also no surprise that, you'll have to pay a serious premium for the McLaren name; at $450, the HySpeed are twice the price of Nike's latest carbon fiber running shoes, the Vaporfly NEXT% 2, and four times what you'd expect to pay for a standard pair of road shoes.

If your budget can stretch that far and you feel the need for speed, the HySpeed is available now direct from Athletic Propulsion Labs in men's and women's sizes, and a range of colorways including black and white, rose and cream, and (naturally) McLaren orange.

Cat Ellis

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